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PT. Arta Trans Nusantara listed in Notary Darbi, SH, Notarial Deed No. : 4, dated August 2, 2002 with the previous name PT. Tachlog Trans Nusantara. On June 16, 2006 our company name changed to PT. Arta Trans Nusantara and recorded in Notarial Deed No. : 21 using the brand mark Arta Logistics in order to be more easily remembered by our clients

PT. Arta Trans Nusantara engaged in freight forwarding with permission SIUJPT No. : 78/SIUJPT/DISHUB/IX/2002 issued by Dinas Perhubungan with branches in Balikpapan, Batam & Palembang and the agency throughout the territory of Indonesia, Asia, Europe & America.

Since the first establishment of company, our clients are vendors of oil & gas company and from other clients from various industrial factories.

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Our primary goal is to provide each customer with seamlessand cost effective logistics solutions. In order to achieve these goals, we continue to improve and diversify our services through on going enhancement of our services and work performance.

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To become a one-stop logistics provider in land, sea and air transportation, rendering our service with the highest excellence and professionalism.

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